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Our Mission started way back in 2010, when sustainable development become New Agenda at International forums. The question arose from where and when, we should start working on Climate Change and Economic Development both simultaneously. The attitude of people and society in developing nation like India, Africa, Latin America, South Asian Countries etc. are of great concern. Our Mission is focused on Two Main Essentials- Change the People's Attitude Towards Social Values and Environment Conservation.

Since our inception, We are able to achieve success on various front like convincing people especially youth, women, college students, old aged person, intellectuals and social scientist and researchers to join us and extend thier support to create a better world and able to reach in Rural and Urban India in a big way, create awareness among people and deprived section of society in regards to access benefits of central and state govt. social scheme and environment conservation policy and help govt schemes reaches to right person be it women, child, disabled, tribes, poor, farmers, labours etc. We believe by 2020, SREC Foundation able to create a history in social reforms and environment conservations and able to bring smile on face of million people across India and world.


5,00,000 Tree Sapling for Plantation Drive-25 States & 2 UTs


We Have 4.25 Lakhs Volunteers Spread Across India & World


Health, Literacy and Employment & Entrepreneurs Training


Clean & Green City Promotion & Environment Conservation

Let's Reach To Millions For 'GREEN GOOD DEEDS' SUCCESS... Your Innovative Ideas Matters alot Now


"We Believe by Social Reforms and Change in Attitude for Environment Conservation, Bring Cheers Across World Community."

SREC Foundation actively involves in serving the people across the India and World. We have taken initiatives to improve basic amenities like Community Health, Education and Drinking Water in Rural and Urban Areas, reduces wastages of energy and resources, helping people go for Self Employment and Get Benefits of Govt. Schemes, Provide Training to get Benefit of e-Governance. All this happens because of support and co-operation, we received from our Active Members, Dynamic Volunteers, Supporting Agencies and Institutions for Noble Cause of Society.

We have been working on many projects spread across all over India. We have set a target for this year to include more than 500 villages, 4000 schools/colleges, 90 self help groups and 10,00,000 youth in Rural and Urban India. Our Research Team and Special Cells constituted for the purposes, continuosly working on to identify the root cause and sugget local solution, according to resources available there. Our panelist and expert groups doing round the year observation, consultation with people, govt. bodies and authorities, state govt agencies and political heads and keep surveying the effect of social scheme and environment awareness programmes executed by state and central agencies and empowering people through awareness and training programme and raising voice of people by PIL and RTI.

We have constituted following specialized cell and state wings: Social Research Cell, Environment Care Cell, Educational Cell, Health and Hygiene Cell, Green and Clean City Management Cell, Legal Awareness Cell, Motivation and Councelling Cell, Promotion of Art, Language and Culture Cell, Research and Innovation Cell, Women Empowerment Cell, Rural Enterprenureship Cell, Opportunity and Market Access Cell, Management of Natural Resources Cell, Care and Protection Cell for Women and Child, Persons of Dis-ablility Care Cell, Street Vendor Rehabilation Cell, Tribe and Minority Care Cell, Local Handicraft Promotion Cell, Youth Cell, Farmer Care Cell, Cell for Skill Developemnt to Un-organized Labour, Road Safety Cell, Disaster Management Cell, Survey and Report Analysis Wing, Co-ordination Cell, E-governance and Digital India Cell, Co-ordination cell for Self Help Group and Financial Institutions, CSR Fund Management Cell

We provide common plateform for discussion of social issues and problems by organizing conferences, seminars, exhibitions, celebration special moments and conservation of folks and traditional arts. Our positive attitude, genuine survey reports and analysis of social scheme and suggestions towards people welfare is highly appreciated by many, be it central or state govt, political heads, bureaucrats and world agencies and institutions.


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SREC Foundation

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Empowering People Through Initiatives in Social Development & Environment Conservation


To Bring Smile on Face of Millions of People Through Innovative Ideas and Programmes


Our Activies are Mainly Focused on Core Issues of Present Modern Society : Social Reforms and Environment Conservation Awareness, Policy Review and Survey Reports, Local Enterprenureship and Skill Development Training Programmes.


We are empowering the people through our initiatives and innovative ideas. Our dedicated volunteers includes rural youth, college/school students, women, senior citizen, retired senior officers, lawyers, army personnel, social scientist, engineers, doctors, journalist and intellectuals etc. Through a comprehensive planning and co-ordination with local people, we first try to find out root cause of the problems related with health, hygiene, education, women and child safety, old age care, dis-abled person, employment, farmer and agriculture, local resources, water, environment issues, social forestry, financial inclusion, BPL family beneficiary, banking and e-governance, skill development etc.

We provide common platform for discussion and search out possible solution to concern problems. We regularly organize awareness programme related health & hygiene, deadly diseases like AIDS, Incephlitis, TB, Cancer, Diabetes, Blood Pressure, Maternity Care etc and put up councelling centre, free health check up and blood donation camps, inform people through distribution of pamphlets, place banner and posters etc. On Educational part, we try to onvince parents and motivate children to enroll in schools, organize parent-teacher-local body meeting for better schooling etc.

Through our regular conferences, seminars, local gathering, celebration of special days and festivals etc, we try to develop moral values and care towards every member of society. By our continuous consulations and motivation, we try to aware them regarding benefits of conservation of water bodies, environment pollution, social forestry, efficient use of natural resources, waste management etc.

In co-ordination and co-operation with local bodies, central and state goverment agencies, volunteers, media etc. we are try to provide maximum benefits to some one in need.


The Economic Development is always carry threat to environment, but development can not be stopped. We have to follow route of sustainable development. The Modern era of economic development effects all sphere of life, be it prosperity, social values, environment, aspirations and desire. Our dedicated experts and research team continuously observing and analysing the effect of Govt. policy and scheme on general public and track its implementation by central and state govt. agencies. They keep recording the views and grievances of concern society and analyse the data provided by national and international agencies.

While participating and sharing common platform with executives and officers of central and state govt, political heads and other intellectuals in national and international conferences, seminars, summits and world forum, our members try to figure out these issues and concern of people, and try to convince them regarding hard reality and expect the govt do some favour to them while addressing such issues.

We collect the information through media coverage, special stories appears in local and national dailys and consulting with concern people. Also collecting information through use of RTI Act in positive spirit, our research team try to figure out real issues and difficulty. Some time through PIL, we approach the hon'ble court for relief to concern people, community and society. Our Health Index, Employment Index, Social Scheme Beneficiary Index and Rural India Education Index, Green City Index helps alot to pin point the actual issues in modern society.

We believe that actual survey and proper analysis of data available will make our work simpler and it helps to direct the benefit the targeted people. We always aspire that one day, we will able to bring cheers on the face millions across the world.


Our training programme is result oriented and comprehensive one. We focus both on long term as well as short term planning in regards to need of skill and training. Through our field experts and industry consultation, we design a training programme for various purposes.

1. Training to Self Help Group for Financial Sustainbility 2. Enterprenureship Deveolpment based on local resource available 3. Disaster Management Training Programme 4. Women empowerment through capacity building and finance management 5. Management of Electronincs and Mobile Shop 6. Training for access to e-governance services 7. Management skill for BPO and other services 8. Agro Processing and Cash Crops Tools and Techniques 9. Facilitating for Getting Financial Hepl from Govt Schemes 10. Running Charitable Schools and Health Clinics 11. Promotion of Skill India and Digital India Scheme of Central Govt. 12. Training to Girls and women for Butiques, Beaty Parlours, Stiching and Gift Design etc. 13. Promotion of Local handicarft and Market Access Tools 14. Social Forestry Benefits Camps 15. Solar Schemes Utility for Power Back up 16. Fruits and Vegetable preservation techniques 17. Organic Farming and Its Benefits 18. Agricultural Labour Extra Earning Resources 19. Conseravtion of water bodies and fisheries 20. Employment Opportunity and Skill Development.

We organize above training programme where ever need arises and people are interested in it. Our consultation team prepare a comprehensive report in regards to skill required and no of people interested based on data provided by primary survey. Accordingly training session arranged there, by consulting with local bodies to provide space and facility for the purpose.

We also provide guidlines for how to secure finance from the bank and funding agencies for such purposes.




Whenever our Volunteers find Street Light is on even in day time or Water Pipe Line has Develops Leakage, They just give a Call to Helpline No. of Concern Agency and help us to save water and Electricity.


We motivate the Old Educated Persons, Retired Officers, Women or College Students seating Idle at Home should give his precious time at near by school and share his knowledge and experience with children and helps them.


Those, who have Computers and Laptops or Smart Mobile should Share Information regarding Lauch of Social Schemes and Its Benefits to his Neighbours and also let them know how to Access e-Governance Services of Govt.


Through councelling and motivation, our volunteers helps farmers to shift for Organic Farming and Inform them regarding its benefits in terms of production, use of fertilizers and pesticides and environmental good.


Our Legal Experts helps the People in Rural and Urban area to use RTI and PIL for securing information and protecting thier Right to Life. That way people across all strata of society get aware about thier right and duties.


Our volunteers in association with local people and govt. agency put nation wide drive "One Person One Tree Plantation", Plant Saplings are made available Free of Cost to Every One. Provide Care and Enjoy Fruits basis.


P M Singh


A Graduate from IIT Kharagpur, LLB Delhi University and A Senior Jounalist, Actively Involved in Social Works and Raising Voice Strongly for Social Reforms and Environment Conservation at various National and International Forums.

"Let's Serve the People and Bring Smile on the Face of Millions"

Piyush Kumar Rai


A Senior Journalist worked with Hindustan Times and Dainik Bhaskar (National Edition) as Resident Editor at Delhi and His Pen always stand in support of Poor and Deprived one for his Life and Dignity. He has great concern to social cause.

"Green Education & Health are Keys Factor for Social Reforms"

Upendra Kumar


A Law Graduate from Delhi University, A Journalist & Professional Mentor of Civil Services Exams, Involved in Social Works since Long Time. Always stand in Support of People for Good Cause of Society and Fight for Them.

"Women & Child Development & Security are Key to Bring Cheers"

Abhijeet Mondal


A Graduate from IIT Kharagpur and MBA from IIM Lucknow and He Posses Long Experience and Love to Interact with People across Rural India and His Knowledge and Expertise of Rural Enterprenureship is Great and able to Inspire the Youth alot.

"e-Governance and Internet is a Smart Way to Serve Rural India"


Tehri Dam | visit with Russian Team of Scientist & Geologist

SREC Foundation, being known for social research and environment conservation activities, running various projects for reform in social sector and taken initiatives to craete awareness about climate change and its long term effect on human being. Our MD & CEO Mr. Piyush Kumar Rai, being part of team visited at Tehri Dam, Uttarakhand with Russian Scientist & Geologist for ecological assesment. The team has submitted thier reports and analysis to the Govt. of Uttarakhand. Such activity defintely help the govt. agencies for planning and execution strategy for future development projects.

Discussion on "GREEN GOOD DEEDS" Initiative

The Hon'ble Union Minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan informed that "The Green Good Deeds" Initiative got Global Recognition and BRICS Ministerial on Environment Includes 'Green Good Deeds' in its Official Agenda and UNEP too have accepted it for the larger benefit of Humanity.

Let's Make Earth Green & Clean ?

India has a rich cultural heritage and it is our moral responsibilty to conserve it and pass it to next generation. The SREC Foundation running Plantation Drive and distributed almost 5 Lakhs Tree Saplings in JNV, Schools and Villages under "Green Good Deeds" Mission Launched by Dr. Harsh Vardhan, Union Minister Govt. of India.

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